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Custom Shoe Orders:

As you all are aware, covid-19 has impacted many small businesses as well as lives. Therefore, I am writing this to address the action our business is taking to follow health guidelines, as our store plans to remain open for business.

Steps we are taking:

  1. All custom shoe orders are being handled wearing plastic gloves and the correct face masks.
  2. All shoe customisers will be washing their hands before and after handling your shoes. 

* As an extra precaution please consider leaving your parcel (customs) outside/ in a safe place for 24 hours to ensure the virus isn't on the box/shoes itself and remember to wash your hands after handling the parcel*


How its affecting orders:

  • Orders may take longer due to retail stores such as Nike extending shipping times (specifically air force ones) meaning the shoe will take longer to arrive to us.
  • Post offices are still open, but may have some delays due to lack of available staff, therefore may take longer to deliver the parcel to you.

Currently we are remaining open. However, this is a fast moving global issue and anything can happen within hours. We will be keeping you all updated via our social media (@apolloclothing._) 

We can ensure you that all orders will be shipped, it is just a matter of when and how, even if it means we have to personally deliver them to your door step!

Stay Safe. Stay Home.


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